Happy Veterans Day

Our veterans fought and many have died for this great country. I think it is appalling that our government is destroying American families and our children while ignoring the constitutional rights of parents, including many veterans. Our government doesn’t care who it hurts with their corruption as long as they gain power and make a profit. We, the citizens, continue to allow this nonsense that affects us all.

I found this nicely written article that sums it up:

The backbone of any great nation is the family…Yet we allow our own country to destroy our children & families from within. This is not even close to having the freedom, truth, justice & liberty for all we’re told we have. – This can be likened to domestic terrorism from within an oppressed but entitled nation full of ignorant complacent people. We are in great danger if we don’t do something about it.

Sadly, it appears to be too late. This absolutely is NOT the great nation it once was and I resent so many of us still pretending that it is while doing nothing about what is actually happening. I resent them for their non patriotism. A true patriot has a duty to take action against threats to the country and that includes our own government judicial system.

The Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of the land. It trumps any & all other laws, statutes and courts including the supreme court. It absolutely trumps courts of equity like family court. We already have inalienable parental rights but we don’t assert them so the courts have trampled these rights. The price we are paying as a society is growing worse by the day as the monumental profits and power the family law industry is generating is beyond comprehension. It’s the biggest scam perpetrated on us in modern times.

The problem is that not enough people are standing up and asserting the rights they already have. The courts know this and take full advantage. People should at least be a little bit curious as to why the family courts don’t want any talk of constitutional parental rights much less abide by them. They abuse the “best interest of the children” doctrine and laws like VAWA etc to gain more & more contentious litigation.

The term “Parental Alienation” and the dynamics behind it I believe wouldn’t even exist to the epidemic levels it’s now at if not for the family court system enabling and encouraging the behaviors for the same reasons to breed more profitable litigation business. There’s much more that can barely be put into words, but they ignore the constitution and lie about their oath to uphold and protect the rights within it. Why?.. Because there’s not enough profit in equal parenting and without all the contentious litigation their cash flow is all but dried up.

They want us all to go along with the program they’ve cooked up, and if we do or don’t resist they sanction us by using our kids as leverage. They’ll throw us into debtors prison, They’ll take anything and everything we have & then some. I am NOT exaggerating. Believe me when I tell you that this “program” is about massive power & profit that is the fuel of the family law industry. It’s more that they are causing the strife in society than the other way around. Trust me, the industry needs us more than we need them.

It has nothing to do with the “best interest of children” or best interest of anyone else except those who have a vested interest in greed and bias agendas. It’s an us vs, them situation and they got us by the proverbial balls.

It also has nothing to do with your constitutional rights that were written by brilliant God fearing patriots to establish a government for the people by the people. Ya know,the constitution that so many soldiers have fought & died for and that we still pretend to honor by standing up before a ball game or lighting a firecracker.

For Christs sake man, Citizens used to take up bloody revolutions for much less than what’s going on in this country today. Having our families torn apart and rights completely trampled on doesn’t seem to bother most folks at all. They’re more worried about whatever the news tells them to worry about. Then it’s time for more beer & cartoons I guess.

We like to think this form of civil/human rights violations and oppressive governing is only for other countries. So we send our soldier kids overseas to kill & be killed. But this diabolical injustice and bias infringement on our freedoms & rights is exactly what is happening right here in the good old U.S.A. – Peoples lives are being destroyed and so is the country.

This can be likened to a genocide and the direct cause of just about all of our social/economic problems. Crime and incarceration rates, homelessness, suicide rates, substance abuse, educational decline, moral decay, etc…

All this and more, yet we as a nation are just sitting and taking it. It’s not like we’re not waging a revolution or anything are we?.. Highly unlikely in these times and with the way our citizens are now. We’re more likely to get upset & march over the canceling of a reality t.v. show or the closing of a fast food chain. Who cares about kids anyway? Most people think this issue doesn’t even effect them and if it ever did they would just deal with it then. They think the system will be fair and uphold rights. Rights that most people aren’t even aware they have. They still believe our government wouldn’t be doing such evil things as this and that they and their families will be fully protected. Well, I’m here to tell ya that’s an absolute false sense of security. The fucking system will eat you and your family alive at the slightest chance they get.

For cryin’ out loud.. It’s unlikely we’re going to have a bloody physical war to fight for our own children and our rights like so many brave true patriots have done for us before. They gave everything including their lives. The least we can do in their honor is to get off our asses and learn our rights. Then assert them without compromise.

~ Mike Whitney


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