Black Lives Matter

If a movement is labeled “Black Lives Matter” then where were the protesters and outrage for Jamyla Bolden, an innocent little girl gunned down in Ferguson? Does her life not matter?

This innocent little girl was doing her homework inside her home in Ferguson, MO when she was gunned down during a drive by shooting just a block from where so many people gathered to protest the shooting of Michael Brown. I am confused as to why there were no protests or outraged people from the Black Lives Matter movement here…

The Black Lives Matter movement protested in Ferguson 10 days earlier on the 1 year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting but are not outraged by an innocent little black girl that was murdered? Why is a black man that was shot by police after committing a crime given more thought than this beautiful girl?

What about the countless young black men killed by other young black men…do their lives not matter? Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says it best when he says this is the “Black LIES Matter” movement and they are not concerned about black on black crime.

It seems to me that this “movement” does not really care about black lives at all but only their own selfish agenda.

God Bless the family of 9 year-old Jamyla Bolden…


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