Parents Working Together

Today I found out that I will be able to get my 3 oldest daughters for a month and could not be more excited 🙂 First thing I want to say to my daughters’ mother is: Thank you and I look forward to rebuilding a great co-parenting relationship for our children.

I have used my personal experiences in other posts to educate people about Parental Alienation and the lifelong damage it causes to the children. Obviously, there are usually bitter feelings that lead to the destruction of any healthy relationship along with a breakdown of communication and trust. When it comes to doing what is best for the children, all of this can be rebuilt and, in my opinion, the first step is allowing access to the children without inteference.

I am lucky that my wife has stayed nuetral throughout the entire ordeal and was able to mediate summer visitation. I have not discussed with her what was said and it does not matter. I am thankful to see the girls and all the stuff in the past is the past. I am looking at the future of becoming even better co-parents than we were before the interference arrived.

I am exhausted but want to end this post with a reminder that we, as parents, are not perfect and all make mistakes. I have made my share of mistakes in the past and my ex was all over me during those times because she wanted the best for our children. I hope one day she will understand that I was only wanting the best for our children and it was never personal. I know we both love our babies more than anything and I truly look forward to the future as we guide our girls into great adults as co-parents.


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