Texas Judge Prohibits 50,000 People From Practicing Right To Free Speech Today

Dallas, Texas

The Honorable Justice Craig Smith of the 192nd judicial district of Texas signed a Temporary Restraining Order prohibiting 50,000 people from practicing their rights to free speech, today.

This violation of the first amendment of the United States Constitution also gags people from 26 different countries, violating international law and effectively purporting that a district judge in Texas has jurisdiction over the entire world.

The Temporary Restraining Order signed by the Honorable Craig Smith stems from a lawsuit filed by Diana S. Friedman, President of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Family Law Foundation (TFLF).

Ms. Friedman filed suit against the Founder of The Fathers’ Rights Movement, Thomas Fidler, while also naming The Fathers’ Rights Movement of Texas as a defendant. Friedman later added The Fathers’ Rights Movement to her claim.

Friedman claims that Fidler and The Fathers’ Rights Movement have defamed her and caused her to lose business opportunities by outing her opposition to shared parenting legislation.

House Bill 2363 was a 50/50 shared parenting bill in Texas. Friedman and her organization paid controversial lobbyist Steve Bresnen of Bresnen Associates a prospective amount of $50,000 – $99,000 per month to defeat the bill.

As a result, The Fathers’ Rights Movement made a series of Facebook posts informing the public of Friedman’s and TFLF’s payments made to Bresnen to oppose shared parenting legislation, which was publicly and unabashedly bragged about by Friedman et al. before the Facebook posts were made.

Although political speech is fully protected in the state of Texas, two judges have violated their oaths and signed these Temporary Restraining Orders, which appear to act as reverse class-action lawsuits.

Attorney Joe Haeggquist of Dau & Haueggquist is representing Fidler and the movements. Haeggquist was unable to make it to court due to circumstances outside his control, he called telephonically to the court requesting a continuance.

Judge Smith denied Haeggquist’s motion for a continuance, as Gena Slaughter, the original judge presiding over the case, had a sudden emergency and could not oversee today’s hearing. The case was transferred around, eventually landing with Judge Smith.

Judge Smith found that Plaintiff’s claim (which cited Wikipedia and radfemworldnews as sources) had merit, and that Fidler and 50,000 individuals were prohibited from further free-speech surrounding Ms. Friedman and her opposition to HB 2363.

A new trial date has been set for 10/19/2015.

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