Negative Stereotypes Used For Profit

Advertisers don’t just use society’s negative stereotypes about dads on Father’s Day to make a profit. Why would companies when they can use hurtful, insensitive things about fathers all year to make money?

I have gotten some feedback about my campaign against advertisers that use negative stereotypes about fathers to make a profit. Some people have said I am being sensitive…Really? So if advertisers were making profits by using negative stereotypes about African American people, LGBT people, mothers breastfeeding or any other offensive or hurtful stereotypes you are saying it would be ok?

If you are not a father that has to battle the negative stereotypes about dads and the daily gender bias at the local playground, the grocery store, with your ex or with a family court judge that makes rulings from the portrayal of negative images about fathers then your opinion has little weight.

Hey society, fathers are not “babysitting” our children when we have them out in public or at home for an extended period of time. Fathers are very capable of cooking our children a meal without destroying the entire kitchen. I could go on forever but you get the point…fathers are very capable of being a parent or even the primary caregiver to our children without the world exploding! A father may do things differently than a mother but that does not mean it is wrong….just different!

Mothers are not automatically better caregivers than fathers or more involved. Let us be real there are bad parents regardless of their gender. Just because a mother has custody does not make her a “good parent” as she may be doing horrible things to those children behind closed doors while playing a victim and mother of the year to the public.

Attention Todd Wingfield, senior brand manager for Angel Soft, divorced mothers are not single parents. A mother and father divorcing does not equal single mother….well unless you count parental alienation by a mother or a family court judge interfering in matters they no nothing about. There are many layers to the epidemic of “single mothers” and not all falls on fathers.

I met two mothers the other day at the playground and during our conversation they said it is so hard raising children alone. I said, “I can only imagine how hard being a single mother must be, sorry their fathers did not step up.” Come to find out they are married and their husbands work long hours to give their family a great life. Are these mothers single moms as well?

If society and women continue to beat men down, not allow fathers equal time and act as though they are not capable as fathers or equal parents then how are we suppose to become great fathers?

If little boys are raised by mothers that keep their father from being a dad or knock their father negatively for working to provide for them, will they not struggle to become great fathers? It is a form of accepted child abuse that affects our sons as they become young men. I know because as a boy, all I wanted to be was a father but I remember being told I would not be as good a parent as a mother. I remember my father being portrayed negatively, making me think men/fathers were no good. Let us stop the cycle and teach our children that no parent is perfect but we are equally trying our best to raise them.

Trust me our society would be a better place with less crime, less substance abuse and mental illness. Who is with me?

What about spaying them bitches? I guess even male dogs are the only "deadbeats"?
What about spaying them bitches? I guess even male dogs are the only “deadbeats”?

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