Both Genders Can Be Good Parents

My 3 year old woke up screaming for daddy at 1:30 a.m. and after getting her back to sleep, of course, I could not get myself back to sleep 🙂 As I looked on Facebook, one of the sites I like had yet another post that only included mothers. I understand that some articles can only be gender specific to mothers or fathers but why can’t general parenting articles, tips etc. include all parents? You would think something named Parents Magazine would be able to figure this out. When will society figure out that fathers are equal parents?

Advertisers continue to cut out fathers or lower our importance, although some are figuring it out and I share these ads on my Facebook page. On our way home from the hospital the other day, my wife points out a billboard with an ad from a major company that immediately made her ask why dad was after everyone else in the family? I did not notice it until she pointed it out but as I started looking, this is a huge issue! Experts have said that a father is VERY important to children yet we are constantly considered a lesser parent.

People always assume that my wife does my daughters hair. I hate having to explain that, as a man, I am capable of doing hair, picking out clothes, feeding, washing or doing any other thing a mommy does for her children just as well. I have always taught my daughters that they can do anything a boy can do but have to defend myself to women that a man can do anything as well as a woman…anyone see a problem?

Why is it when I am out with my children I can never find a changing table? It is ok because for almost 14 years this daddy has been creative and will always find a solution but why should the same place offer mothers a changing table but think a men’s room should be excluded?

My wife had a conversation with coworkers the other day about who was going to discuss sex with our daughter when she was older. When she answered probably her dad they looked at her like she had two heads. Why is this hard to believe? I helped my special needs daughter with changing her pads and explained how to clean up when she needed it. Yes we are men but we are also capable fathers that can handle talks with our daughters. I would never look at a mother and assume she could not talk to her son about sex or how to aim in the toilet while urinating so why are women shocked that a father could teach his daughter?

Hollywood has been guilty for a long time of portraying fathers as clumsy, clueless and innattentive to get laughs but this image has got to stop! Society watches this and it strengthens a steroetype that is just as offensive as many others that are deemed unacceptable, yet it is ok to bash men. Look on your Facebook feed at how accepted it is for women to say mean, hurtful things about men without any negative reaction. If men do this we are bashed even more but women are celebrated for this same behavior.

I hear people saying fathers do not want to be involved. Not true! If little boys continuesly hear from society that when they have children as adults, they do not matter or are less important than mothers then they believe it. Another issue is vindictive women that stand in the way of a good father to be one to his children. A huge problem is the broken family courts that tear great fathers from their children’s lives. Society says all these are ok and acceptable. If we continue to force out good fathers and deminish their importance…who is going to teach our sons to be fathers? Even the greatest woman can not be a father.

I have received some hateful comments from women’s rights supporters and I always shake my head. ALL people want equal rights. After slavery, blacks just wanted equal rights to whites. The womens rights movement was to gain equal rights to men…not MORE rights. GLBT supporters only want equal rights. Fathers just want equal, not more, rights as mothers. Not much to ask?

I challenge everyone to do their part to change this perception of men and fathers. Yes there are many bad fathers. Watch the news and there are just as many bad mothers but society does not bash women as a gender for their bad apples! A good parent can be either gender 🙂


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