Both Parents Are Important To Children

I know the teenage girl that wrote the letter I am sharing today. I have watched her grades drop dramatically, her become a cutter, battle depression, become sexually active, use drugs and alcohol to cover the pain of missing her father. I hope this encourages mothers to not stand in the way of their children’s relationship with their fathers. I hope fathers will see how important they are to their children so they will be involved in their children’s lives. If you are being alienated, do not give up because both parents are VERY important to their children.

Okay, so…This post is going to be about my dad. 

Idk. I just hate knowing that he’s not really in my life. I hate seeing daughters with their dads smiling and hugging each other and actually spending time with each other, happy. It kills me knowing that I could never have that. I want that so bad. Ive never really talked to my dad because he speaks a different language than me and doesn’t understand English that well and can’t speak it that well. I tried learning the language, but I failed lol. But I realized now that he’s not even in the same country as me and I have no clue when he’s coming back. I wish I could talk to him and have a father daughter relationship like most daughters do. That’s actually my dream to have.. To be able to speak to him, to go to him and tell him things that happened at school. Or about things he doesn’t know about me, which is a lot. Idk I just really wish he was here. I honestly feel like he doesn’t care about me or about any of his other kids. My mom always tells me that I don’t need him. And that she’s my mom and dad. I dont want her to be both. I just want my dad. Every girl should have a dad that loves them and spoils them to death and should be protective over them constantly. I dont have that. And that isn’t okay. I just want him. There’s a lot more I have to say but I’m done.    

I will end this post with a few of my thoughts. As good as any stepparent is, even my wife, they can not replace a child’s biological parent. Furthermore, it is impossible for any parent to be a child’s mom and dad. Each parent plays a unique role in their children’s lives that can not be duplicated.

both parents matter

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