Valentine’s Day Art

Some of my favorite decorations hanging around my home are the drawings and artwork from my children throughout the various stages of their lives. It is fun to go through the years and watch as their skills improved or to read the silly things they wrote πŸ™‚

I was looking for an art project that my toddler could do for her mommy’s Valentine’s Day present when I got the inspiration for this from a project on

What you will need:

  • masking tape
  • canvas-the one pictured is 20×20
  • paint
  • bowls from the local dollar store
  • permanent marker


  1. Use masking tape to write words or make design of your choice on the canvas.
  2. Put paint into bowls.
  3. Let your little one get their hands dirty and paint. I did one color at a time allowing paint to dry between.
  4. Outline any missed edges along the masking tape so letters are visible.
  5. Clean up your child’s hands, before they rub their long hair out of their face, and bowls while waiting for paint to dry.
  6. Write the date on the bottom right corner of the canvas.
  7. After paint is dry pull off masking tape carefully.

Now you are ready to find the perfect place on the wall to hang your child’s masterpiece πŸ™‚



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