Broken System

As I sit here at the start of Christmas Eve I am sad that all I wanted for Christmas was to see my children but unfortunately due to vindictive, selfish people and a broken Indiana Family Court system this parent will not get that present. It is sad for the children that their best interest have never been considered and the people that should protect them have failed. My 13, 10 and 7 year old daughters have NEVER went a Christmas break without visiting their daddy. Sadly this will be a year now since I have been allowed to see my 6 year old son. What makes it worse is the reasoning behind why I am not allowed to visit my children…which is there is no good reason. Amazingly the other parents have abused the children physically, abused the children emotionally and neglected their medical care with no accountability. The courts have supported the Parental Alienation against me and have made it difficult to defend my children.

I happen to have male reproductive organs but that does not make me a lesser parent nor a better parent. There are two parents that happen to have specific needed roles for proper raising of the children. It takes both parents to create that child last I checked. I think the mentality for many can be said best by the mother of my son and I quote “He came from my coochi and I will do whatever the hell I want with him!”

I would think that in the quickly approaching year of 2015 people would be more open minded to gender does not make you a good parent…being a good parent does 🙂 Our society tells us we need more good parents, especially fathers, but the courts and vindictive exes are allowed to destroy this fathers relationship with his children for no reason. If we continue to minimize the importance of parents, especially men, then how can we expect young boys and girls to respect this role?

Obviously I am a disabled daddy so naturally this is the first attack by the other parents. I will say that my disability has never put my children’s safety at risk. My disability has never caused me to forget to give my children their medicine. My disability has never allowed me to ignore seizures that my child was having. My disability never allowed my child to be touched inappropriately in my home. My disability has never caused me to forgot the medical care of my special needs child. My disability has never caused me to forget dental care and eye care for my children. My disability has never caused me to throw away presents from the other parent including special memories. My disability has never caused me to alienate the other parents. My disability has never caused me to send just enough seizure medication for my children. My disability has never caused me to care more about a medical bill than medical treatment for my children. My disability never caused me to hit my children or pull their hair. My disability never caused me to call my children names. My disability never caused me to emotionally abuse my children and think its funny. My disability has never caused me to play games with medical treatment while my child suffered in pain. My disability has never caused me to withhold packages for my children from the other parent.

Now I am not the smartest person in the world. My three older daughter’s mom likes to remind me that “I barely graduated high school.” She is right that we can not all have a fancy degree and title like RN, Registered Nurse, after our name but I do remind her that I am smart enough to get my children their medical care including the care of our Make-A-Wish child. I also do not have a fancy early childhood education degree but if I did have a degree I would be working instead of living off other hardworking taxpayers.

I am still confused how I got punished and my rights to my children taken away for simply trying to protect them…not like anyone else was!

Missing my babies!!
Missing my beautiful babies!!

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