I’m On The Children’s Side…

Child Support Reform: What Side Of The Fight Are You On? By Cathy Meyer at http://www.divorcedmoms.com makes an argument from her viewpoint.

We Should Reform Child Support By Phyllis Schlafly at http://www.townhall.com makes an interesting argument in her article. 

While I think all parents can agree that there needs to be child support to make sure both parents are held responsible for the care of their children, the problem is with the family court system itself. The government and courts are not designed to be “parents” or decide what is in the “best interest” of the children. You hear all kinds of people yelling for father’s rights or mother’s rights but the quietest voice is the one that everyone forgets….our children’s rights. How can the greatest country in the world not be smart enough to protect and invest in our future?

We all know bad parents, regardless of their reproductive organs, but GREAT parents are being ripped from their children’s lives for crazy reasons by family courts drunk with power. Society tells us that children do better when both parents are involved yet courts disguise bad decisions using “in the best interest” of the children.

I turn on the news and hear how another school system has cut funding to programs for our children. Ask the smart people and they will tell you how important music, art etc. are to our children yet we take this away from them. The people trusted to teach our most precious commodity are paid horrible salaries but expected to get high test scores with LARGE class sizes. Shameful!

Walking down the street I saw a young child digging in the trash for food because he was hungry!!! How is this possible in America?

How can America remain a powerhouse country if we continue to ignore the assault on the family and our children’s rights?

Comments are always welcome 🙂

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation.”  – C Everett Koop


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