Parents Lead By Listening

I am amazed by what I learn from listening to my children. They notice things that, as adults, we forget or are too busy to notice.

The other night I was walking with my youngest child when she noticed a homeless man and said “he is sad” I asked why do you think he is sad? She responded “he is cold” so I asked if she wanted to get him a blanket to keep him warm. My little one practically ran home to get one of her favorite blankets for this stranger. The pure joy I saw from not only the homeless man but from my 2 year old was awesome 🙂

The act of kindness got my wife and I thinking there was a need in the local community. I decided to create Covers and Coffee as a fun way to give back to the community as a family. Each package contains a cover, a gift card for a local coffee shop and a message from my daughter. We randomly hand out a couple packages every few nights as we get some exercise walking 🙂

I encourage all of us parents to listen more to our children…

“Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.” -Josh Billings



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